ISciences helps companies understand and manage their exposure to environmental risks throughout the value chain.

Forward looking companies realize that environmental stresses pose both business risks and opportunities.  A recent survey of more than 50 large U.S.-based companies found that a majority expected water to have significant impacts on business growth, profitability, siting decisions by 2018.  Almost a third of responding companies expect water stress to affect their ability to market products by 2018. ISciences works with large companies in the food and beverage, agricultural processing, retail, and pharmaceutical sectors to assess environmental risk to their facilities, supply chains, and customers.  ISciences analytics are used to frame environmental strategy in the boardroom and guide changes in corporate behavior in large decentralized business cultures.

ISciences helps companies assess risks to industrial accidents or sabotage.  In this example, ISciences located and characterized vulnerable day and night time populations in the vicinity of major industrial sites.  This analysis was used to support regulatory compliance and to guide corporate mitigation and response strategies.

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